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Post-deploy notifications on EngineYard Cloud

Post-deploy notifications on Engine Yard cloud I’ve got a project hosted on EngineYard‘s cloud servers, with geographically-dispersed team. The developers are often working on separate feature sets, often deployed independently. As a quality-control and awareness measure we wanted to be notified when a deploy was done. This was pretty easy to set up, and would […]

Why use automated deployment?

I was talking with a developer about their first rails project, the deadline of which was looming. After a quick walk-through of the code I started asking about process stuff — what are you using for tests? Are you using capistrano for deployment? The answers were “I’d like to use tests at some point in […]

skeleton rails app starter

I’ve found a few tools that I like to use on all new projects, mostly for the presentation and testing layers. Following the dictum that lazy is good (and I’m far too lazy to make sure that’s the correct usage of ‘dictum’), I’ve created a starter app that has all those tools in place, so […]

Setting up a new development environment on OSX

I recently set up a new MacBook Pro for development. Here’s what I did, mostly as notes to myself for next time: Basic rails environment I mostly followed Robby Russell’s guide, here. That got xcode, macports, ruby and rails, mongrel and postgres installed. MySql Most of my projects use MySql instead of postgres. I installed […]