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Monthly Archives: February 2010

upgrading hoptoad: uninitialized constant HoptoadNotifier::Catcher

Dept. of Quick Tips Dept.: If you’re upgrading from an older plugin version of the hoptoad notifier to the 2.2 gem, and you see uninitialized constant HoptoadNotifier::Catcher when you try to script/generate hoptoad, go to application_controller and remove the line: include HoptoadNotifier::Catcher Then run script/generate hoptoad again and all should be well. Oh, and if […]

skeleton rails app starter

I’ve found a few tools that I like to use on all new projects, mostly for the presentation and testing layers. Following the dictum that lazy is good (and I’m far too lazy to make sure that’s the correct usage of ‘dictum’), I’ve created a starter app that has all those tools in place, so […]